May Cyber Attacks, NSA exploit to blame

The big story

This month (May, 2017) Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), Telefónica, Spain’s biggest telecoms operator, and FedEx have suffered an internal “ransomware” malware attack.

The Spanish CNI intelligence agency confirms “ransomware” attack has also affected other companies. (read article)

Leaked NSA exploit blamed for global ransomware cyberattack –


  • A cyberattack is spreading across the globe, and a software exploit developed by the American National Security Agency (NSA) seems to be to blame.
  • The ransomware, software that encrypts the victim’s data and demands a ransom to unlock it, has spread to at least 99 countries, from England to Japan, as of Friday.
  • Among the organisations affected are Britain’s National Health Service, the Spanish telecommunications firm Telefónica, and the logistics firm FedEx.
  • The cyberattack has caused chaos across the United Kingdom.
  • Hospitals have been closed and operations cancelled on short notice, and medical staffers have resorted to pen and paper to do work.


Further Reading

Brands and companies mentioned

Cybercrime & Digital Threats, Ransomware

Cybercrime & Digital Threats, Ransomware

Connecting Police for a safer World

INTERPOL is the world’s largest international police organization

Telefónica, a Spanish multinational broadband and telecommunications provider with operations in Europe, Asia, and North, Central and South America.

Telefónica, a multinational broadband and telecommunications provider

Keywords: Cyber Security, Ransomware, NSA exploit, Britain’s National Health Service, Telefónica, FedEx, WannaCry



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